Why Bolingo?

Why Bolingo? Because half of my heart lives in Africa. “Bolingo” means love in Lingala, the native language of two of my children. And the perfect word to describe an Australian Labradoodle!

Last time I counted there were 10 people in our family, but as a friend once said, “There’s always room for one more at your house.” Truth.

We have eight children ages four through 21 and manage to live in a somewhat controlled state of chaos. Our oldest four are basketball players and much of our time is spent coordinating schedules for five teams.  That could be a full time job, unfortunately so could the laundry situation… and the grocery shopping. This however, is all just busyness. What drives our life is the passion and conviction the Lord has placed in our hearts for the disadvantaged, particularly those in Africa, where two and a half of our kids are from (if you want that explained you have to buy a puppy). I travel there as I am able to support children’s homes and help in varying capacities. Each puppy that goes home will be impacting the lives of children as a portion of all sales goes directly to support our work with orphans.

I’ve told my husband many times that I never want to live in a house without a crib in it. Well, after 19 years I replaced the crib with a whelping box. 


God is good.

Heidi Wellsandt


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