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This information helps us to help you select the Bolingo Labradoodle puppy that best fits you and your family. We base selections on your desires paired with the temperament and features of the dog. Spending countless hours with each puppy enables us to provide excellent matches, significantly better than a puppy chosen based on a picture seen online. When making your wish list please understand that try as we might to control outcomes each litter is ultimately created by hands other than ours.

Once your application is approved we ask you to submit a deposit of $500 prior to birth of litter or $800 once litter is born. This is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit holding your place on a reservation list and will be applied to purchase price of $3300. Allocations are made in order of deposits received. Matching begins at 6 weeks. If we are unable to provide a puppy consistent with your wishes, your deposit will be moved to the next litter. Deposits refunded only if unable to match you with a puppy after 12 months.

If it's not possible for you to pick up your puppy in person, we have a puppy nanny who will fly with your Bolingo baby and to an agreed upon airport. An additional fee 0f $500 will apply. 

 Based in the beautiful Coeur d' Alene, ID / Spokane, WA area. Hand delivered anywhere in the US! 

Bolingo Labradoodles
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