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Bolingo Labradoodles
Bolingo Labradoodles
Bolingo Labradoodles

Being a guardian family is a wonderful and exciting opportunity to be an ambassador for Bolingo Labradoodles and a part of spreading their love far and wide.  In an effort to expand our breeding program without becoming a kennel breeder, puppies and dogs are placed in guardian homes.  They are what we consider to be the finest Bolingo Labradoodles has to offer.  All of our dogs are bred for companion and service temperament, outstanding health, solid structure, beautiful coats and are health tested by rigorous ALAA standards.  Guardian families get a “pick of the litter” puppy or adolescent/adult for a fraction of the cost while Bolingo retains breeding rights.  These loves live with you as your very own family pet until they have completed their breeding career at which point they are spayed/neutered, all registration paperwork is transferred into your name, and you enjoy a lifetime with your very own bundle of fluff!

Guardian families are responsible for routine veterinary care and health and well-being of the dog including:

  • Annual vaccines

  • Feeding breeder's choice of a high quality diet

  • Using breeder approved vet

  • Grooming to breeder standards

  • Attending puppy classes and passing CGC by 1 year.  (CGC - Canine Good Citizen—how cute is that?!)

  • Having a fully fenced yard.  (Females in heat attract suitors known to scale walls & cross land or sea to pay a visit to the source of their affection.)

  • Being an indoor dog

  • And the greatest of these requirements…love, love & more love.  Bolingo!

This is considered routine maintenance and medical care you would provide for your very own dog…which she/he will be. Any “breeding related” medical costs for the Guardian dog are the expense of Bolingo Labradoodles.

Females will have three litters. She will come to our home one week prior to her due date and will remain with us approximately six weeks. After she has devoted several weeks taking care of her babies she will be back home with you ready to play and snuggle!  You will be sent a weekly picture and brief update via text so you can see what an amazing mama she is and how cute her puppies are! Guardian and breeder will need to coordinate schedules a few times for breeding related appointments.

Our dogs are valuable to us on many levels.  We work hard and invest a lot to make them the best we can…and we love them dearly, each one.  A deposit of $1500 is required for breeding females.  Each time she is returned to you after having a litter, you will be given $500.​

If you are up for the blessing of a lifetime, go ahead and fill out a puppy application and submit it being sure to note at the top of the page "Guardian."  Hope to hear from you soon!

*Breach of contract results in guardian relinquishing dog back to breeder or paying the dog’s breeding value. Guardian being unwilling for any reason to continue making dog available to breeder for breeding related purposes constitutes a breach of contract.

 Based in the beautiful Coeur d' Alene, ID / Spokane, WA area. Hand delivered anywhere in the US! 

Bolingo Labradoodles
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